Nobsound HiFi Mini Valve Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo amp Audio Kopfhörerverstärker

Tubes: 6J3 ×2
Output power: ≥1100 mW (32 ohm)
Headphone Zwischenstück Impedance: 18-600 ohm
Total harmonic distortion: <0.005%
SNR: ≥110 dB
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 30 kHz
Size: 111*69*32 mm / 4.37*2.72*1.26 in (Height: 73 mm with vacuum tube installed)
Net Weight: 185 g / 0.41 lb
Power supply: DC 6V 2000Ma
Full List of Replacement Tubes

6J1, 6ж1П, 6AK5, 6BC5, 403A/B, 5654, EF40, EF95, CV850, 6J2, 6ж2П, 6AS6, CV2522, EF11/732, CV4011, 6J3, 6ж3П, EF96, CV848, 6BC6, 6AG5, 6J4, 6ж4, 6136, 6BX6, 6AC7, EF94, 6AU6, 6J5, 6ж5П, EF80, CV2521, 6F36, 6AH6, 6AN5, 6K4, 6K5, 6K4П, 6BA6, 6DA6, EF89/93, 5749

Packing List
1 * headphone amplifier
1 * power supply
2 * 6J3 vacuum tubes

(Not include audio cable, please note!)

Please turn on the amplifier for about 15 seconds before you connect the audio source and put on the headset.
We recommend using 24~600Ω headphones, while armature earphones and headphones that have low resistance and high sensitivity are not suitable.
As there will be vavle Microphone effect, please keep the amplifier steady while using it.
For noise issue, please keep it away from devices like routers, mobile phones or something that may interfere in the audio signal. If there are no interference, please remove all non… and listen to see if the noise still exists.
If so, the device may be defective and you can contact us to get support.
Nobsound features a low price coupled with high performance non…small, simple package delivering high fidelity, specially designed to provide the audiophile with the performance they deserve.
Now, NS-08E upgrades for the first time in the past three years. New version uses upgraded 6J3 tubes. Sound is warmer and softer with more brilliant treble, more powerful bass and quieter background.
This unit can easily power high-performance headphones including the HD580, HD600, HD650, K701, K702, Q701, DT880, T70, T90, SR225, SR325, RS1e and many more. 24~600Ω headphones would be recommended while armature earphones are not suitable.
With cool appearance, NS-08E can deshalb bring amazing HiFi sound. You can clearly feel a big difference when you use it. It will provide deep sound field if you pair it with your preamp, smart phone, computer, iPod, stereo system ect.
NS-08E is very popular and sales well all aound the world, it has received much positive evaluation which can be searched on Google(LINK), Youtube(LINK) and Sound & Vision Magazine(LINK).For the best match preamplifier,please search Asin:B0779S3ZVW on Amazon.

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