Nobsound NS-15G PRO CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi APTX-HD Digital Amplifier PCM5102A Decoding 100W×2 with Power Supply (Bluetooth 5.0 CSR8675)

Feuer: Nobsound
Model: NS-15G PRO CSR8675
Decoding Chip: CSR8675
Amplifier Chip: TPA3116 *2
OP-amp: NE5532 *2
Max. Output Power: 100Wolfram*2
Channel: 2.0
Audio Nicht: Bluetooth 5.0 / RCA
Audio Output: Banana Speaker Jacks
THD: ≤ 0.5% 1KMHz 1W
SNR: ≥ 95dB
Frequency Sortiment: 20Hz -30KHz (±3DB)
Power Sortiment: DC12Vanadium-25Vanadium / 3A above
Size: Wolfram90 * D108 * H36 mm (3.54×4.25×1.42 inch)
Net Weight: 360g
Package Weight: 630g

Packing List:
1* Digital Amplifier
1* 19Vanadium Power Anpassungseinrichtung
1* Bluetooth Antenna
With Bluetooth 5.0: Choosing CSR8675 as receving chip to achieve faster transmission speed, more stable signal and lower consumption. Upgrade the antenna to high gain(6DB) omnidirectional version to achieve further distance and more stable connection, much easier to link with wireless music and convenient to switch different music.
Choosing PCM5102A: A 24bit stereo audio DAC chip whose dynamic range can up to 112DB, THD is -93DB, and output is 2.1V RMS audio voltage. High frequency is still smooth and low frequency is powerful. As decoding output, supporting APTX-HD with further transmission distance and lossless signal, makes the dynamic and details of music.
TPA3116 Chip *2 and NE5532 op-amp: Its modulation power can up to 1.2MHz and its distortion below 0.1% even at large power. Its extension and dynamic, details performance and sound field are very good. It can offer stronger power 100Wolfram*2 to achieve more energetic music.
Elegant Appearance: minimal size, blue Aluminum shell and simple compact design make it more fashionable, practical and powerful. Most Cost-effective: you can enjoy high quality music with low price, and easily adjust music style you want with the independent treble & bass tone control.
High Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Clear and high sound quality with no background noise especially for bookshelf / computer / desktop speakers, Phone/ MP3 player/ DC/ TV/ Widerhall Dot and siehe oben

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