Nobsound NS-20G Mini Digital Power Amplifier Bluetooth HiFi Stereo Amp Leistungsverstärker 100W+100W (Silver)

Color: Black / Silver / Gold / Blue / Red
Bluetooth distance: 15 meters
Bluetooth standard protocol: Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR + DSP
Rated power: 200Wolfram (100Wolfram×2)
Audio Non…: Bluetooth, AUX
Audio Output: Banana Speaker Jacks, 3.5mm Headphone
Amplifier chip: American TI Texas Instruments TPA3116 ×2
Power non…: DC12Vanadium-24Vanadium / 3A or above
Dimensions: (Wolfram)78 × (D)90 × (H)23 mm (3.07 × 3.54 × 0.91 inches)
Net Weight: 160g
Package Weight: 500g (With Power Supply)

Packing List
1 * NS-20G Amplifier
1 * 19Vanadium Power Supply
1 * RCA Audio Cable
1 * 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 * Manual
NS-20G minimal compact size suits very well for home and desktop use, and the output power is improved to 200Wolfram (100Wolfram*2) with 2PCS TPA3116 chip.You will be amazed by its output power compared to its size when you see it.
Bluetooth 4.2+EDR+DSP (Digital Vorzeichen Processing) to achieve real wireless lossless signal transmission and enjoy much better Hi-Fi sound quality within 15M distance, which brings you high-grade listening feast without any background noise.
NS-20G can be used as headphone amplifier(Only support 15-32Ω headphones). Bluetooth and AUX nicht can be widely applied to Universum Your Favorite Devices and 100Wolfram×2 output power can drive most home speakers. Because the Speaker and Headphone can output at the same time, the phone output connect to active subwoofer and speaker jacks connect to passive speakers can make up 2.1 channel audio system, which will enhance the bass effect greatly.
Integrated aluminum case with crystal speaker jacks, multifunction decoding knob and dynamic volume Leuchtdiode display, this unique design makes it beautiful and practical as well.
5 fashionable colors for you freely to choose.

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