SMSL SA-50 D-AMP TDA7492 Hi-Fi Stereo Verstärker / Amplifier (Endstufe + Power Adapter, 2x50Watt) silber

Can be plug nicht / Ipod, MP3, MP4, CD PlayerIt is easy to install w/o mannual, you can use it at your home or office.Panel Color : Sliver Gut in Form Color : BlackCase Werkstoff : AluminumSize : 150mm (D) x 43mm (Wolfram) x 92mm (H) (including protruding parts)Specific:1. Real 2 * 50Wolfram Stereo circuit design.2. The internal parallel the fever Philips 6600uf filter capacitor (reservoir) to meet the power needs of bursting, voice switching power supply side to solve delicate problems.3. thereby achieving high-level / all original parts manufacturing.4. advanced oxidation process grain pull aluminum shell.5. Delta OEM DC24Vanadium 4.5A (108Wolfram) power supply, over-current point 6A.The machine is BTL output, that is to negative side of speaker out is not public grounded (the two speakers cable must independent connect, no grounding together), we must strictly in accordance with the marking of plus or negativ cable connection, this T amp is not recommend for car or bike use.Output:Speaker OUT (Left) x 1 pair (+ / -)Speaker OUT (Right) x 1 pair (+ / -)Power Indicator (Blue Leuchtdiode) around the volume control x 1Power Supply nicht DC 24Vanadium 4.5APackage include:1 x SA-50 Amplifier1 x DC24Vanadium power supplySie können den iPod , MP3 / MP4 verbinden. Abmessungen:150mm (T) x 92mm (Wolfram) X 43mm (H). Farbton: schwarz/silber/gold
Es hat eine blaue Leuchtdiode-Licht runden Lautstärkeregler
Aluminium-Mischung Schiffskörper Genus , leichtgewichtig zu verteilen Hitze
Hohe Leistung Kurzschluss-Schutzmechanismus und thermischer Überlastschutz
Interne Parallele 6600 UF Philips Filter Kondensator, um die hohe Nachfrage nachdem Kraft-Krönung
Built-in speaker protection and power delay circuit
Internal parallelled 66000¦ÌF=3*2200¦ÌFPhilips filter capacitors,well enough to meet the high power of full power working, and solved the problem of disadvantage of bass
High-grade Aluminum Shell,drawbench erodegrain Oxidation Process.
Interne Parallele 66000?Fluor = 3 * 2201?FPhilips Filterkondensatoren, gut genug, um die hohe Leistung dieser vollen Leistung funktionieren zu treffen, und löste dasjenige Problem dieser Nachteil von Bass
Power and circuit protection indicator

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